Short Story 03: Michael’s Journal

Megan sneak into her cousin’s room, namely; Michael. She wanted to know her cousin’s crush, but Michael is getting irritated whenever she ask him, that’s why Megan decided to sneak to her cousin’s room instead.


Megan is flipping Michael’s collection of magazines hoping to find a love letter, pictures, or any signs of her cousin’s crush. Five minutes has been passed but Megan remained clueless. And because of tiredness, she sat into Michael’s mini sofa. It was designed for his possible visitors.

What a kind of sofa. Megan thought. The mini sofa that she was sitting is too hard to imagine. Megan started to get pissed when realization hits her. She stand up and throw all the pillows in the sofa. She also flipped the mini sofa’s case.

Lots of Journals. A small smile kept on Megan’s face as she starts to read one of the journals.

“Hey! What are you doing!?” Megan froze. She knew that voice.

She turned her head to his cousin’s door. And she’s right! It’s Michael.

“I’m sorry okay? I just want to know who your crush is” Megan said biting her lower lip.

“That’s not a valid reason! You sneaked into my room!” Michael said, fuming mad.

“I’m really sorry” She pleases.

Michael closed his eyes patiently. It seems like he’s controlling his anger.

Do you know why I didn’t want to tell you my crush is? It’s because the girl that I like is right now in front of me. It’s you Megan. I like you couz.”


Short Story 02: Behind The Scene

Math subject again. Lianne thought to herself as she carry her purple sling bag with a touch of diamonds in it. Math subject is their last period and so her favorite subject. Lianne is a valedictorian back when she was in primary school. Can you blame her? Her parents raised her to be on top. Lianne is the heiress of her father’s architectural company that’s why she’s doing her best to pleased her parents.

“Very good Lianne. As expected on you.” the professor and Lianne’s classmate are praising her because of her talent, beauty, and everything. She’s almost perfect.

“You’re really a genius. I envy you” her seatmate whispered to her.

You wouldn’t want to be on my shoe. Lianne though to herself as she smiled to her seatmate.

**Cring ~ Cring ~**

Finally. Another boring day passed by.

Lianne is sitting in some part of a parking lot while waiting to her driver. 2 hours has been passed but her driver is nowhere to be found. Because of boredom, Lianne started to surf in the internet. Another 20 minutes has been pass. It’s already 7:20 PM that’s why she decided to take a walk.

While walking, Lianne saw a boy crying in front of a mini grocery. She felt a tiny tingled in her heart as she watched the boy crying, helplessly.

“If you don’t mind, may I ask you what happened? Why are you crying?” Lianne ask while tapping the little boy’s shoulder.

“My family is force to move somewhere. We – hik – don’t – have – mo – money to – hik – move”

“Don’t lose hope, although at a very young age, you are experiencing such a thing. You need to keep your faith stronger” Lianne said and smiled to the little boy.

“It’s easy for you to say that. Look at you, I’am 100% sure that your family is reach. You don’t understand me!” The boy shouted at her.

One tear escape from the eye of Lianne as the boy shouted at her.

Lianne smiled bitterly. “It’s not about the status. No matter how rich you are, or whatever your status is, all people has a problem to mingle with. It’s up to them how strong their faith is, it’s up to them how are they going to solve their issues in life.”

The End.

Short Story 01: Awakening

As the sun starts to rise up, Faith also starts to run in her school while wearing her favorite gray sweater. She received that sweater at her 12th birthday from her grandmother, although the sweater reminds her the past, Faith’s still considering her gift youas a best gift she ever received.


Faith is running in the hallway of their school while holding her books. Upon running, Faith overheard a sizzling sound in an empty room. Out of curiosity, she open the room and what happen next made her jaw drop in disbelief.

Faith saw a hologram of a girl. The girl in a hologram really looks like her. Faith begins to wonder on what is happening until the girl finally spoke up.

“I’am drowned in a life with full of hatred in my heart. I may look like a happy-go-lucky girl but deep inside, I’m hiding a demon that no one knows. A demon that I kept in my heart for a long time. It’s too late when I realized that everything happens for a reason, that it’s God’s will why the things fall apart and some other things bloom.”

Faith felt something in her eyes. As she touched her eye, the girl from the hologram fade out and the next thing she knew, she was in her room beside her Grandmother who looks horrified while looking at her.

“Are you alright? You’re having a nightmare”

Memories of her Mother’s death flashes back. And with that, she started to cried out and hug her grandmother.

“I finally understand now why Mother left us. I finally understand.”



Tips in writing a Research

As we all know’ many students complain is having a research paper. There are some factors that makes the research hard for some students. Such as; financial problem, lack of preferences, low self-esteem, lack of vocabulary words and so on and so forth.

But here are some tips that might help you with you in your research journey:


Having a good teamwork is really really helpful. Cooperating with your group mates is much more important than giving a money. More brains, more ideas.


You’ll also need to save money for your research, because you don’t know the upcoming struggles that you’ll about to face. But if you have your own laptop & printer, then better!


Being nervous is normal, but being paranoid is not. If you, yourself knows that you have a low self-esteem then talking in front of the mirror and doing public speaking is really helpful to boosting your confidence.


Keep in mind that one of the characteristics of Research is “Timely” So, it is a better choice in choosing a new social issues to make your research interesting.


Ways to help you cope with Insomnia

•Reading at night.

According to study that conducted by the researches at University of Sussex (2009), one way to help you cope with insomnia is opening a book before you sleep. Study shows that six minutes of reading can reduce 68% of stress by clearing the mind and preparing the body for sleep.

•Drinking Milk before bedtime

According to Restonic, Milk contains melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

•Eating Turkey at night

Many says that eating Turkey at night can make you fall asleep. But it’s actually not. As stated to LiveScience (Tanya Lewis 2013) Turkey contains amino acid tryptophan that forms the basis of brain chemicals which make people tired.

•Time Management

Time management is really helpful if you want to have a 8-hour sleep. List the things that you will able to do before doing nonsense things. With that, you can able to sleep peacefully without thinking your priorities.

•Ditching Gadgets before bedtime

You may also want to maintain and limit in using your gadgets because of the radiation coming from the screen of your phone that cause a big impact in your sleep-wake cycle.

In everyday living, we can’t hide the fact that there are some instances that we’re very stressful especially in schools or works related. But having a better sleep-wake cycle is important in keeping your body energize all day long.

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3 Things To Love In The Philippines

“It’s more fun in the Philippines” This is the tagline of every Filipino. And I, as a proud Filipina, I’m here to showcase the beauty of my country.

There are many things that Philippine can offer. Such as:

1. Tourist Spots

Philippine has many promenade to offer. Many foreign people tent to visit Philippines, especially during vacation time because of the lovely nature, outdoor activities, and beaches that Philippine have. The beauty of our mother nature can make you feel relax and stress-free.

2. Attitudes Of The Filipino

Attitude of every Filipino is also included! The positive thoughts, respectful, hardworking, and hospitality is one out of may characteristics that a Filipino have.

3. Foods!

Say it or not, many people loves eating. Good news! Because Philippine says it all! Delicious food is also included in the list.

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